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Spectrum Analyzer - Drone Measurement Solutions

Complete solution to get you going quickly, Drone , Measurement Kit, Training

I have two measurement kits to work with the WISPR Ranger Pro drone:

Anritsu MS2760A for measurements to 110 GHz

Signal Hound BB60D for Measurements to 6 GHz


Measurement kits include:

• Anritsu or Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzer

• Windows I5 Mini Computer

 •Lenovo thinkpad T14 I7

• Battery Powered HDMI Monitor

• Long Range Wifi USB Module

• Antennas per Customer Need


 •USB Compass

• Keyboard mouse

• Python Software,

• Integration, and Checkout with WISPR Ranger drone

• Training

My Python software creates an Excel spreadsheet file that you can use to prepare coverage maps, interference hunt or do general spectrum monitoring.

You can control the spectrum analyzer from a PC on the ground.

Coverage Mapping and Antenna Pattern Measurements using GPS tagged measurements
Interference Hunting / Direction Finding using the Compass
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